Jun 18, 2019

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Hello from my second day of being 31! Not sure
how I feel about it yet. 30 was cool because I was like, ok, I'm only ONE year away from 29. A baby in the 3rd decade that I used to view as a bunch of oldies, it was like I just had a small toe in the decade but hadn't fully stepped over. And now I'm like, woah. I'm legit in my 30s. It's wild. I have spent the past few days at one of my favorite beaches- I have been coming to Holden Beach since I was 7 or 8 and it doesn't really change haha. There are three or four little dives to eat at and no chain shops or restaurants on the small island. It's just a very laid back, casual, chill place. I have loved every minute of it- no makeup, beach hair, shorts and flip-flops...it's been great.

As weird as it is and as much as I hate (note: I don't hate my life. I mean hate as in dislike getting older, as most people do because time is a thief) it, this is my life now. I am 31 and married with no kids. The no kids thing is fun because people think we are just absolute weirdos or completely broken (Coming from someone who has lived through the married with no kids thing for a few years now, there really are basically two kinds of people- 1. those that just can't understand why you don't have children yet and 2. those that look at you with pity because they assume you have fertility issues. Very rarely do you come across folks that understand waiting to have children) so that conversation comes up quite frequently. We are very much still on the fence about babies and both agree that we absolutely should not try until we are 100% certain it is what both of us want. I think if we could stop watching the news or hearing bad things about the planet and our fellow humans, deciding whether or not to procreate would be like 87383% easier. But that isn't the world we live in so until we decide, we will love one another, go on random date nights to nowhere special, support one another's dreams & goals, travel, get on each others nerves here and there, and spoil two of the cutest pups that ever lived. 

♡ Samantha Brooke

nc blogger, nc pbotographer, lifestyle blogger, xo Samantha Brooke, beach style, boho style, nc

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