Hawaiian Helicopter Tour

Sep 19, 2018

I'm *not* being dramatic when I say this, but this helicopter tour was one of the top experiences of my life. Not kidding. To be able to see so much
untouched nature and so many of God's creations in an hour was just surreal. It made me a little emotional, seeing the waterfalls and cliffs from so close. Just amazing. We went with Air Maui and ended up doing a West Maui/Molokai tour. We saw a waterfall as tall as the Empire State Building and the tallest cliffs in the world. We also saw a valley on Molokai where villagers live without running water or electricity. The only way to this village is via helicopter or boat. The people of the island of Molokai do not allow a lot of new building, and everything must pass through 'the community'. All the inns on this island are small, independently owned buy Hawaiian people. Unlike the hotels and resorts on the other islands where the money goes to the millionaires who own those companies. Ever since my first trip at 14 I've always thought Hawaii was just this magical incredible place, but to see it like this was just a completely new level.

PS: Everyone who has seen these photos has asked this, but yes. The water really is that blue. 

My sister in law and her husband taking a selfie :)

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