Tips For Staying Focused and Motivated

May 29, 2018

Sometimes it can be hard to keep going after a goal or vision that you had originally set for yourself, especially if you aren't growing  or seeing the changes you thought you would see. Whether it be a work plan, fitness goal, pretty much anything you are striving for, here are my tips to keep going:

*Create a vision board. I did this at the beginning of the year and man has it helped my focus! I put it on a door in my office so that I look at it several times a day and it really helps with keeping my vision in place. 

*Do something each day that brings you joy. This may sound silly, but a few moments of joy can change your mood and your attitude. For example, I recently switched from K-Cups and a Keurig to fresh coffee beans, grinding them, and an old fashioned coffee maker (by old fasioned I mean the manual kind with a coffee pot ha) and it makes me so happy to make my coffee in the mornings. It's a completely small task but it's a little task of love...especially when I smell the coffee brewing 

*Take time to meditate. I think often times when people think of meditation, they picture highly spiritual people humming to themselves on a mat. Not so! Meditation is simply thinking deeply or refocusing your mind and I like to do this each morning when I drink my coffee to control the spirit of my day. It may only be a few minutes, but just focusing on what you have to do for the day or seeing yourself where you need to be can be more beneficial than some may think. 

*Set small goals in addition to larger ones. Reaching little milestones along the way will give you a little boost and keep your drive up. 

*Reward yourself. I'm talking realistic here. I don't think we deserve a vacation for losing five pounds, lol, but small rewards definitely help!

*Be easy on yourself. If you backslide on a fitness goal or mess up at work a few days, that doesn't mean your goal is over! We are humans and error is a part of life. Just accept it as a learning experience and move on. 

*Be thankful. To me, being grateful for small things makes my attitude more positive and life is just easier when you are positive. Make it a habit to intentionally be thankful for a few things a day (birds chirping, pretty clouds, a kind gesture from a stranger) and watch how it grows from there. 

xo, Samantha Brooke

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