Fighting the Winter Blues

Feb 17, 2018

Winter is beautiful, but I'll be the first to admit that it's extra hard to stay happy and positive this time of year. Everything's cold and gray, it gets dark super early (hate that) and when there is beautiful snow it only lasts a few days then you're left with a sopping wet muddy mess as the aftermath. 

My tips for fighting the 'seasonal sadness':

1. Happy thoughts. This is easier said than done. You definitely have to be careful of what you read, listen to, or watch on tv. For me that means none of those sad viral Facebook videos, no heart-wrenching movies (maybe that's why I stick to Hallmark! haha) and listening to lots of motivational videos on YouTube. I also like to listen to Norah Jones at night, it's super relaxing while still joyful. Also, stop comparing yourself to others. You are exactly where you should be. Focus on the good. 

((a picture of me being happy, obvi))

2. Essential oils. I swear oils are life changing. For an uplifting mood I mix peppermint with orange and it give my energy level and my mood just the boost I need. At night I'll use lavender in my bath and Peaceful Sleep in my diffuser about an hour before bed. 

3. Working out. Get those positive chemicals aka endorphins flowing! I can most definitely tell a difference when I skip a workout. I get more irritable, I'm less energetic, and I don't sleep as well at night. I'm just way happier ALL DAY after my morning workout. 

4. Sunshine. I know it's cold out, but Vitamin D is essential for fighting depression. I take a multi-vitamin with Vitamin D and I also try to sit outside for 10-15 min (even if it's freezing!) to get some sunshine. It is recommended to soak up some rays on your face, neck, or hands (no SPF, that blocks it) 10-15 minutes daily- this can be done on your lunch break, coffee run, pretty much anytime. A few years ago I worked in an office with zero windows to the outside world and the door was heavily tinted- like you basically couldn't see out of it. Anyway, working 8-5 in the winter you pretty much only see the light of day during your lunch break and that was spent rushing to get food or in the breakroom (again, no windows). I was the saddest I had ever been that winter- I would start crying for no reason, my poor husband didn't know what was going on and neither did I. I told my doctor about it during my yearly exam and she suggested soaking up some sun for a few minutes each day and a Vitamin D supplement. Guess what?? Within a week I was back to my cheerful self. It's crazy what our bodies need and we must take care of ourselves!

((coffee with a side of sunshine))

5. Pamper yourself. I know the 'self care' topic has been pretty much beat to death, but little things like a bubble bath with a candle, a mani/pedi, sitting by the fire to read a book, hell, even a new coffee creamer! anything you can do to make yourself happy. 

((a favorite reading spot, second to a warm spot by the fire))

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