Easy Neutrals

Oct 11, 2017

Get the look:
Denim (with DIY distressing)

We went about a month without any rain here & thank heavens we finally got some this week! No complaints from me, the only thing rain and gray days make me do is drink more coffee and have frizzy hair 😆 Things could be a lot worse. I will never understand why people complain about rain, especially if you need it and you aren't being flooded.

Anywayyyy. I really wanted to wear over the knee boots with this outfit but it was like 80 degrees, had just rained, and was humid af- so sandals were an obvious choice! I guess it's just going to be hot forever? This is BASICally my go-to fall look (see what I did there? ha). Jeans, cute hat, sweater, and (what would be) boots. So easy to throw on and instant fall chicness :)

xo, Samantha Brooke


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