Extending the life/repurposing Volcano Candles

Sep 13, 2017

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((This hack can be used on any of your favorite candles that you don't want to waste!!))

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you know my love for Volcano Capri Blue candles. It's just a clean, fresh, light, semi-fruity smell and I also love that it makes my house smell like Anthro. Yes, Anthropologie. That smell you get a whiff of when you step in their stores or walk by the open doors? Capri Blue. While I absolutely adore the scent (and the beautiful packaging), I'm not so keen on how quickly they burn up- mainly due to the shape of the jar. There always seems to be SO MUCH wax left when the candle just dies and decides to no longer burn, it just isn't around the wick so that the flame will hold. The other day when I wanted to burn this candle in my home and couldn't because it DIED TOO SOON, I had an epiphany! I put the jar in a small pot of water (about 2-3 in of water), set the stove top to boil, and waited until the wax melted. I then poured the wax into some empty tart containers I had (you can also use an ice tray!), as well as into my candle that died...because it had plenty of wick left, just no wax around the wick. VOILA. Problem solved. You can also use your coffee pot warmer to melt the wax, but I have a Keurig and the boiling method is quicker. From now on I will get use out of every ounce on these precious candles :) Just be careful because the jars get hot! I used tongs and a pot holder just to be safe. 

PS! after the candle wax has melted and you have poured the remaining product into containers, take a paper towel while the jar is still warm and remove the excess wax and keep the jars for decor or storage. The quality is too good to toss them in the trash!


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