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Sep 8, 2017

Get the look:
Adidas tee (mine is five years old 🙀)

I wore my hair like this the other night to meet my fam for dinner and my sister told me I looked like Tinker Bell. So there's that. Anyway, I wanted a jacket VERY similar to this a few months ago during the Nordstrom sell but I just couldn't justify spending more than $50 for such a trendy piece- the distressing and the oversized fit both make this jacket feel super trendy and 'cool'. I was SO GLAD to have found this option for $20. I don't mind spending more on items that can be worn over and over and over again (like a good bag or pair of sunglasses), but there are certain pieces that I just choose to get super thrifty with...and this jacket style is one of them!

Y'all. I did something tonight that I said I would never ever do. I got a tattoo. I still can't believe I did it, like I feel like when I wash it it's going to come off- that's how unreal this feels to me lol. I'll explain the meaning and give more details once it heals up, I know it will be kinda wonky for a couple days so I'm waiting to share it for that reason...

xo, Samantha Brooke

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