Red Dress + Easy Stir Fry Recipe

Aug 11, 2017

flowy red dress

asos mango red dress

asos mango red dress

Get the look:
Dress & more sizes here
Booties (more options below!!)

So I am obsessed with this dress, like literally in love with it. It has a drop waist and fits a little more on the loose side, so I wore it with the belt the other day. Can't wait to pair it with black tights and a leather jacket when it gets cooler! (Snake skin booties last seen here)

((Random)) Chicken Cashew Stir Fry Recipe:

For the past couple months we have been cooking at least 5 nights a week and using what we cook (we make sure to cook enough) as our lunches for the next day...well sometimes I cheat and have Chick-Fil-A lol but my husband has been REALLY good about eating his prepped meals. So we may go out like, once or twice a week, if that. We've both just been super busy and this is the most time effective way to survive haha. Plus it's cheaper AND healthier. And when I say we, I mean I cook 99% of the time and my guy cooks like once every other week :) I've become kind of a control freak with my meals and kitchen. Anyway, tonight I made the BEST stir fry I have ever eaten and here is what I put in it:

chicken breast (cut up)
snap peas
brown rice

Kikoman stir fry sauce (so good and a little goes a long way!)
about 1/8 to 1/4 cup flour (this is just to thicken the sauce/juice/water mixture)

I cooked the chicken with olive oil and a tablespoon of the stir fry sauce (seperate from the veggies). I steamed the veggies and cashews in a pan with another tablespoon of sauce. Once everything is done I mix it all together with the flour, then serve over brown rice :) SO GOOD. Obviously you can use however much of each ingredient you want, we like a lot of veggies because they fill you up and they are low calorie- so I use a lot of those. 


  1. Your hair looks so cute with the poof. Please do a tutorial on how you style it and get it to look like that. Thanks


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