LBD & Transitioning

Aug 9, 2017

Get the look:

OK. So this post is one I never shared from my last beach trip but I LOVE a casual LBD that can be worn for literally all seasons. I also love pics of the beach and these are getting me excited to be back in three days 😍 I'm getting some last minute photog work done (ie, editing photos from a couple shoots I had this week. I had a cake smash session and a senior session and I'll post them both after my trip) and some blog stuff so I can get those pre-scheduled for the next couple of weeks :) 

We've had a few gray days of rain around here and I must say- I have missed the rain. It's a nice reminder to slow down and it's also a GREAT reminder that we are not in charge. You've got plans this week to do senior pictures and shoot some blog looks? LOL at you. It's gon' rain for 72 hours. You can't get mad about it, just gotta appreciate and move on <3

xo, Samantha Brooke

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