Classic White Button Up

Jul 21, 2017

Get the look:
Shirt (wearing a small)
Wedges (Michael Kors) Similar here
Cardigan (pictured below, wearing a small)

Hey guys! So today starts the first day of open access for the Nordstrom Sale to non-cardholders. There was A LOT of hype (hysteria?) about this sale on Instagram for the past week or so...a bit ridiculous if you ask me, but whatever lol. While there were tons of great (seriously magical) items in the sale, I only purchased two items. The button up pictured above and the cardigan pictured below. I'm not really one to purchase an entirely new fall wardrobe in the middle of summer, mainly because I know by the time fall rolls around I'll be wanting whatever the new thing is that's out- so for me it's best to just buy a couple basics and hold out :) The hype about the sale leaves me feeling like blogging has become less to inspire and more to sell sell sell, and it's kinda...annoying. It gives a bad name to bloggers who are doing this because we really do love sharing our outfits and ideas. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to shop (OBVI), but at the same time I also like to re-wear things in my closet and purchase each new item with a purpose. That's why I love basics so much. You can wear the crap out of them and wear them a different way every time! Totally maximizes your wardrobe's potential. 

xo, Samantha Brooke


  1. Thank you! You have expressed my feelings exactly! All of this Instagram nsale crap is super annoying and does make me think its all about selling.

    1. I can see their side because I know they are making money doing it (I missed out on $$ BUT I didn't want to 'be like everyone else') but from the other side I totally get the annoyance. SO MANY NSALE posts have flooded my feed daily for the past 2 weeks. Just be authentic!

  2. those instagrammers have lost a lot of credibility with me and I have unfollowed so many

  3. I love your outfits!! they are super pretty!!

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