Jul 24, 2017

givenchy beauty, best mascara, best red lip, red lipstick

The perfect red! I love the cool undertones, they really help make your teeth look whiter! From about August to February red is pretty much the only color I wear on my lips (except for the occasional dark berry), so I'm pretty excited about this one. 

PS: When I was in school for esthetics my friend called me Snow White. Like everyday. 

I LOVE this face powder. I've been wearing BB Cream with this on top and my skin looks flawless. The powder doesn't settle in fine lines/pores and gives a great glow. 

Ok, this is my #1 beauty tip. Go with a BIG BRUSH when you choose a mascara. All my favorite mascaras have that one thing in common- you can get so much more product on your lashes when you use a brush like the one pictured above!

If you are fan of Lip Glow you will love this... it does the exact same thing (uses your body's pH to work with the color of the balm) and it comes in a luxurious pink leather packaging. Swoon. PLUS IT PLUMPS! Done. 

givenchy beauty, best mascara, best red lip, red lipstick

Lipstick c/o (color 306) 

xo, Samantha Brooke

Monday Must-Haves {Favorite Makeup Brushes}

Jul 17, 2017

marc jacobs face brush, sephora, makeup brushes

Happy Monday! Few things are better than clean makeup brushes...even if you were too lazy to clean them all (most are NOT pictured for that reason 🙈). I just wanted to share a quick post with my most used brushes. I tend to lean toward fluffier brushes so that they can be used with more products- loose powders, bronzers, etc, but I LOVE my Marc Jacobs foundation brush! Hands down my favorite foundation brush, ever. It is the only brush I have ever spent more than $15 on (I usually wait for sales at Ulta to purchase new Real Techniques brushes 😉)

PS! The loose powder pictured above will be on next week's Monday Must-Haves along with a few other luxury items that are totally worth the splurge. Just know this powder is life. changing!

xo, Samantha Brooke

Summer Sweater

Jul 5, 2017

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