Juice Cleanse Review

Jun 6, 2017

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First of all, this post is in no way sponsored, nor did I get my juices for free. I know it's hard to tell what's 'real' in the blogging world, but this is a completely non-biased review! Also be warned that this post will be real and very descriptive! I started my juice cleanse last Tuesday and ended on Wednesday. There are many reasons I chose two days, but we will get there. I decided to go with Clean Juice for my cleanse because it's local and it is also farm to table and FRESH. It's so fresh they advise that you call a day ahead of your cleanse so that they can press your juices that day and you can pick them up the next- and since these were going to be my meals for the next 48 hours, I appreciated that. I know that there are sites that you can order online if you do not have a juice bar local, but I was fortunate that they opened literally a week before I was going to order online. So the cleanse is six juices a day, the same ones both days. My favorites were Orange (carrot based with a bit of pineapple, yum!) and White (pressed almond with hints of cinnamon, tastes like sweetened milk!). You do drink them in a specific order (as seen above) and you should definitely drink LOTS OF WATER in between each juice because you will pee a lot! Like an unfathomable amount. I went to the mall with my sister on the first day and I know I got on her nerves because I went to the restroom like seven times in the hour we were there. You don't really poop until after the cleanse...but again we'll get there. 

Day 1
I woke up starving, I think because I knew I couldn't have actual food. A lot of this is all mental fyi. I drink my first juice (sweet green) and it did fill me up. I worked out after my 'breakfast' and burned right through those calories. I was hungry again within an hour, but just dealt with it. You drink a juice every 2.5-3 hours so the hunger doesn't last that long. By my second juice I was craving Chick-Fil-A like no other and wanted all  the ranch. I did nibble on a few almonds (no salt, organic) when I would get too hungry because I didn't want to blow it. I went back and forth with I'm so healthy look at me with this juice for my meal and oh my god I am so hungry give me something to eat! This first day was actually the worst. You also don't have much energy throughout the cleanse because duh, you're drinking juice. It may be cold pressed organic, but it's still...juice. Your body is only getting sugar and carbs (liquid at that!) so your blood sugar goes up then crashes, hence the low energy in between each. So maybe be prepared for a nap.

Day 2
I woke up actually not hungry. I just went through the day and drink my juices and didn't even crave food. It's crazy how quick your taste buds can change! You will still pee a lot on this second day because you are living off of liquid that is detoxing your system, but that is normal. You are also extremely bloated (see below) and this lasts for a few days after the cleanse. You just survived off of liquefied veggies and fruit so that makes sense, lots of gases released in your body! 

The bloat after the cleanse...(can't believe I'm posting this & also excuse the mess)

((So bloated! This is after the cleanse. I definitely wasn't expecting to have a larger stomach after the cleanse but it only lasts a few days then your tummy will be flatter again...promise :) ))

I did this for  a reset because I wanted to get back to strictly super clean eating without struggling and this definitely helped! It changes your tastes for sure. I did drop 4 pounds within those two days and two more pounds by the second day after the cleanse, water weight for sure. The days after the cleanse are when your stomach is not so happy and you poop...a lot. Sorry for that, but your body is releasing everything so it happens. So if you are looking for a major weight loss, this isn't it. If you are looking to kick start your new lifestyle or get back to where you were a few months ago (holla) this is worth it! I personally wouldn't do this for more than two days though, you get very little protein and going too long would result in losing muscle tone, which would defeat the purpose because then it's just harder for your body to burn calories. 

So I hope this was helpful for those of you who asked or who may be interested! Let me know your thoughts or if you are considering doing a cleanse to change your slightly shitty eating habits yourself 🍦🍬🍴🍠🍗🍝🍕🍟🍮🍰🍺

xo, Samantha Brooke

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  1. Your outfits look great on you! Loving this whole look!!!! Edward Gelber, Child Psychiatrist

  2. I want to go on a juice cleanse so badly this one looks amazing


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