Sleeveless Blazer + Chanel slingback dupes

May 22, 2017

chanel slingback dupes, michael kors ava, sleeveless blazer

chanel slingback dupes, michael kors ava, sleeveless blazer

Similar blazer here & here & here
Bag, Michael Kors. Similar here & more colors here
Sunglasses, Celine

I should probably just go ahead and get rid of every other pair of jeans in my closet because I have been living in these. They are so comfy and I love the big rips- you know I love my rips. Anyway, I dressed them up a bit on Sunday with my slingbacks and sleeveless blazer. It dropped from the 90s to the 70s...what??... so the extra layer over my swing tank was def weather appropriate :) Also loving these Chanel dupe slingbacks. I bought them back in the fall and actually forgot about them until I moved my closet it was a nice surprise to find them! They are so chic and can be worn year round 💓

Guys. Friday I took my little cousin to Carowinds for her 12th birthday (my sisters tagged along) and I just can't ride those thrill rides like I used to be able to! I did fine on the first two coasters, then I rode the pirate ship (it goes upside down and kinda hangs there- big mistake) and a few other rides and literally had to rest for like an hour. I thought I was going to get sick lol. Oh it was awful. Super fun and totally worth it, but awful at the same time. Perks of getting older I guess!

Enjoy your Monday, xo Samantha Brooke


  1. Absolutely love this look and those shoes!!! XO ~Anna

  2. Your outfit is gorgeous and classy! And I love the way you styled your hair.


  3. You look so chic, I love your vest

  4. such a chic look, love the vest and your bag!

  5. I love this look! It's edgy and feminine at the same time. Love the blazer vest look so much for summer! xx Shannon

    1. THANK YOU! That is exactly what I was going for :)

  6. These shoes are amazing!! Seriously, I neeeed! Such a great find.

    x Diana //


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