Utility Vest

May 30, 2017

utillity vest, destroyed denim, prada tote, prada daino vitello

utillity vest, destroyed denim, prada tote, prada daino vitello

utillity vest, destroyed denim, prada tote, prada daino vitello

utillity vest, destroyed denim, prada tote, prada daino vitello

utillity vest, destroyed denim, prada tote, prada daino vitello

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and remembered the meaning of Memorial Day- the remember those who have lost their lives in the name of our nation. Whether you agree with our current leaders or not, I am a firm believer in supporting our military. They are doing a job that most won't and get very little recognition for it. One of my best friend's boyfriends is currently over seas, and I can't imagine what her or his family go through everyday. If that were my husband or brother I might go crazy! 

Today I start my very first ever juice cleanse! Sorry in advance to those that know me...I may get hangry lol. I opted for a two day cleanse because in my mind three days just seemed impossible to complete, but I can totally do two days. I'm doing this as kind of a 'reset' so that I can get back to eating zero junk and be more aware of what I am putting in my body. Hoping this is just what I need!

xo, Samantha Brooke

Sleeveless Blazer + Chanel slingback dupes

May 22, 2017

chanel slingback dupes, michael kors ava, sleeveless blazer

chanel slingback dupes, michael kors ava, sleeveless blazer

Similar blazer here & here & here
Bag, Michael Kors. Similar here & more colors here
Sunglasses, Celine

I should probably just go ahead and get rid of every other pair of jeans in my closet because I have been living in these. They are so comfy and I love the big rips- you know I love my rips. Anyway, I dressed them up a bit on Sunday with my slingbacks and sleeveless blazer. It dropped from the 90s to the 70s...what??... so the extra layer over my swing tank was def weather appropriate :) Also loving these Chanel dupe slingbacks. I bought them back in the fall and actually forgot about them until I moved my closet it was a nice surprise to find them! They are so chic and can be worn year round 💓

Guys. Friday I took my little cousin to Carowinds for her 12th birthday (my sisters tagged along) and I just can't ride those thrill rides like I used to be able to! I did fine on the first two coasters, then I rode the pirate ship (it goes upside down and kinda hangs there- big mistake) and a few other rides and literally had to rest for like an hour. I thought I was going to get sick lol. Oh it was awful. Super fun and totally worth it, but awful at the same time. Perks of getting older I guess!

Enjoy your Monday, xo Samantha Brooke

Go-To Look

May 12, 2017

off the shoulder top, ripped denim, louis vuitton

Get the look:
Bag, LV
Similar earrings here & here
Wedges, Jessica Simpson
Jeans, old from Old Navy. Similar style here
Similar top here 

Happy Friday love bugs! I am so ready for the weekend- my sisters and I are putting together gift baskets for Mother's Day and then in a few days I am going to Carowinds with my sisters and little cousin and I'm *so* excited. Carowinds is an amusement park here in NC and I haven't been in yearssss, plus my little cousin (she's 11) has never been so I know it will be fun to see her experience it :) I love an amusement park- I have always loved rollercoasters...although the older I get the less I am able to tolerate the twists and turns 😒

Lately my go-to look is a pair of ripped jeans (big surprise), an off the shoulder top, and some cute wedges. It's so easy to put together and I just feel cute in this combo, know what I mean?

Our anniversary was on Sunday and last week my guy surprised me with a trip to IKEA for some pieces for my office and then to LV where I picked out this bag. I mean.. dream date. I was most impressed because he loathes IKEA and the fact that we have to assemble all the pieces we buy haha. So I thought I got really lucky actually because the LV associate said they were discontinuing this style (the Favorite PM) and she had to call another store to locate this one. Then I did some research and apparently that's a little fib they tell people to get them to buy. Shoulda known! Anyway, I love the size and it's perfect for dressier looks when you don't want to lug a big tote around. 

Enjoy your weekend & fingers crossed I don't get too sick at Carowinds!

xo, Samantha Brooke

off the shoulder top, ripped denim, louis vuitton

off the shoulder top, ripped denim, louis vuitton

Floral & Denim

May 11, 2017

cropped denim jacket, tory burch wedges

tory burch wedges, j crew market tote, cropped denim jackate

My husband and I went out for our anniversary tonight (it was on Sunday) and had the best date. I wore the same thing I wore LAST year to the same place and same occasion- my favorite Zara dress with my nude strappy heels. We celebrated two years of marriage and 12 years together! I am working on a post with 'our story' and hope to have it up in the next couple of days <3 Anyway, we went to Ruth's Chris- I love their cocktails, the fire roasted corn, and the lobster mac and cheese (hello, heaven on a plate). My husband likes the steak haha. It's alright I guess 😜

I loveee this swing dress. It comes in two other prints and it is so comfy and easy to just throw on and go. I am wearing an xs for reference (I'm 5'6"). I paired the cropped denim jacket with it to balance out the look and kept my accessories neutral to keep it simple :)

xo, Samantha Brooke

Sun, Salt, & Friends

May 10, 2017

ruffled one piece swim

Loved this one piece! I love how you can just throw on some shorts with it and look put together <3
(I had to ditch the panama hat for a baseball cap because it was sooo windy!!)

Swimsuit, under $20 (runs TTS FYI!)

panama hat nordstrom, camelia roma, white handbagg

We walked to Starbucks for coffee and breakfast while we were there and it was so chilly! It was nice to be able to take the 'beach' instead of a road or sidewalk. Thankful I had my cardigan with me- I never travel without this sweater. Ever. 

camelia roma crossbody bag

A few snaps of all the girls! So thankful for these friends. I met them when I was in school for aesthetics and I am forever grateful for their friendship. We are all so different and somehow we just mesh. 

...we listened to Brooks & Dunn and Darius Rucker (Wagon Wheel) during our trip and I'm still playing those songs. You can take the girl out of NC but you can't take the NC out of the girl 🙈

I have tons of pics but these are my favorites :) I did take some of them on the beach (except for Lucy, she was still getting ready 😑) and can't wait to share! My friends are 10s for sure 💓

That wind was NO JOKE. It was so bad the water was splashing out of the hotel pool and it looked like you were on a ship the way it was sloshing everywhere! 

((off the shoulder top last seen here))

xo, Samantha Brooke

Boho Bell Sleeve Dress

May 3, 2017

Similar dress here here & want this one!
Similar shoes here & here

Today was one of the first days we had low humidity in A WHILE and my hair did so much better lol. Curls and humidity DO NOT mix well. To fix my hair like this I dab some mousse in & let it air dry, then I touch up my curls with this T3 Micro wand. I was ecstatic when they sent me this wand! Absolutely love it. I'll review the other products in a few days :)

I used a cast iron skillet for the first time tonight for dinner- I made my husband a filet and omg. So good. I don't even eat steak (well, often) and thought it was amazinggg. Here is the recipe I followed. 

Telling y'all, obsessed with that wand!

xo, Samantha Brooke

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