Pretty Peplum

Apr 20, 2017

peplum top, gucci crossbody

denim on denim outfit, gucci crossbody, peplum top

denim on denim outfit, gucci crossbody, peplum top

denim on denim outfit, peplum top, gucci crossbody

Bag, Gucci

Happy Friday Eve! So I have wanted a 'cloffice' for a while. I currently share a closet space with my husband- when we moved in we saved a bedroom and moved the door frame so that we could use that room as a big walk in closet. And I LOVE IT, I really do. We had custom shelving and racks put in and he even surprised me with a great custom vanity. The only issue is I need more space, embarrassingly enough. But when clothes are like, your job, and you get c/o items pretty often, eventually that's what happens! So. We are planning to turn one of our spare bedrooms into my new closet and office space. I have been pinning like a mad lady and I am sooo excited! Plus, bonus, my husband won't have to see my unorganized crap everywhere haha. Stay tuned for updates!

I wore this earlier this week for our trip to the museums and I can't tell you how comfortable these $40 jeans are! They legit feel like leggings and they neverrr lose their shape. Obsessed. 

xo, Samantha Brooke
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