Blush Wrap Dress

Apr 7, 2017

tobi kimmy wrap dress, blush wrap dress

Sunglasses, Chanel
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Necklaces, Forever 21

Loving this Tobi wrap dress! It's currently on sale for $29 and definitely size up! I'm wearing a medium (usually a small) and could def even wear a large. I love the blush and the faux wrap detail, perfect for all spring/summer. 💗

I did something crazy. Or, tried to do something crazy. I'm giving up Gluten. I wrote about my stomach issues (great topic I know) a few months ago and I have given dairy (except for the occasional bit of cheese) and I very rarely have fried food or red meat because both make me bloat and give me a stomach ache but oh man they're so good. Anyway, I have still been having digestive issues so I decided to go full on and try gluten free. I've been doing it since Sunday and it actually isn't as hard as I thought it would be, except for the cereal part. Most of my favorite cereals are a no-go now which totally sucks...I still have Lucky Charms so there's that. I thought giving up most breads would be the end of the world but it really isn't bad! I haven't had any tummy issues either which is def a good sign. I will do an update soon on if it's working or not, but I feel like it is which is kinda scary haha. I also need to do some major research and find some gluten free substitutes for my carbs bc white rice is yummy but it's getting old quick.

PS: Feeling extra thankful for my family lately. Esp my mom & nana who hold us all together and for teaching us that a family is hard work. Everyone has to to work to stay together and keep that bond, otherwise you drift apart...grateful for the women that hold us together and for passing their values along.
Favorite Disney quote <3
xo, Samantha Brooke

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