Acai Bowl Recipe

Apr 4, 2017

homemade acai bowl, smoothie bowl

By now you know that I love food as much as I love fashion...possibly more 😆  Anyway, I make a lot of smoothies at home and I love Acai bowls. I had my first Acai bowl in Hawaii a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since. It's like a smoothie only thicker and richer and you eat it with a spoon :) Acai is a super food with twice the anitoxidants of blueberries and is also thought to promote anti-aging and weight loss. Here's how I make my bowls:

*1 pack of Acai puree (comes frozen and can be ordered from Amazon, it's delivered in dry ice)
*1 frozen banana
*1/2 cup apple juice (sometimes I use almond milk)
*frozen berries (optional, may need to add more milk/juice if you add more frozen fruits)
*you can also add protein but it may change the flavor a bit

Blend all until smooth...

Then I add the toppings! I usually use strawberries, banana, and honey drizzle :)

Other topping ideas:  
coconut flakes
peanut/almond butter

I actually prefer to make mine the night before, wrap it up in the bowl and pop it in the freezer. I'll take it out while I'm getting ready the next morning and about 20 min later I'll add my toppings and the consistency is usually perfect by this point <3 Plus I'm usually running late so a pre-made breakfast is always a good thing!

Hope you enjoy!

xo, Samantha Brooke

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