Pretty Peplum

Apr 20, 2017

peplum top, gucci crossbody

denim on denim outfit, gucci crossbody, peplum top

denim on denim outfit, gucci crossbody, peplum top

denim on denim outfit, peplum top, gucci crossbody

Bag, Gucci

Happy Friday Eve! So I have wanted a 'cloffice' for a while. I currently share a closet space with my husband- when we moved in we saved a bedroom and moved the door frame so that we could use that room as a big walk in closet. And I LOVE IT, I really do. We had custom shelving and racks put in and he even surprised me with a great custom vanity. The only issue is I need more space, embarrassingly enough. But when clothes are like, your job, and you get c/o items pretty often, eventually that's what happens! So. We are planning to turn one of our spare bedrooms into my new closet and office space. I have been pinning like a mad lady and I am sooo excited! Plus, bonus, my husband won't have to see my unorganized crap everywhere haha. Stay tuned for updates!

I wore this earlier this week for our trip to the museums and I can't tell you how comfortable these $40 jeans are! They legit feel like leggings and they neverrr lose their shape. Obsessed. 

xo, Samantha Brooke

Pink Drink & Azaleas

Apr 18, 2017

embroidered denim jacket, pilcro, gucci crossbody, starbucks pink drink

embroidered denim jacket, pilcro, gucci crossbody, starbucks pink drink

embroidered denim jacket, pilcro, gucci crossbody, starbucks pink drink

Jacket (that I want to frame...)
Dress, under $30!
Shoes, Nordstrom
Earrings, Gorjana
Bag, Gucci
Sunglasses, Karen Walker
Bracelet, David Yurman

It's that time of year again-dresses and Pink Drink everrrday! I love a dress all year, but esp in the warmer months when you can just throw one on with sandals and go! So much easier than putting pants on. I tied a knot in this one to give it a different look but it is the best non-clingy material. The back has a cute criss-cross detail at the neckline...actually when I bought it I thought the criss-cross went in the front, so when I put it on to wear I had it on backwards. I really need to start trying things on IN STORE. I last wore this jacket here & I'm still obsessed. It's seriously a work of art.

Today my sister and I took my little cousin to Raleigh to visit the state museums and the capitol building. I had not been to the museums in yearssss and had forgotten how amazing our state museums are. We only had time to visit the NC Museum of History and the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, but both were amazing. Admission is free FYI, so if you're in the area definitely take advantage of it! The exhibits are first class and I love how both are laid out. The history museum has an exhibit downstairs that literally tells the story of NC, from Native Americans before the Europeans settled all the way to the industrial period. The science museum has a killer butterfly exhibit that you can go in, but it was closed today :/ Anyway! We had a very educational day and it was nice to brush up on my NC facts :)

xo, Samantha Brooke

How cute is my sister's outfit?? I made her let me take a picture haha

This adorable cat just walked up to where we were taking pics and laid right at my sister's feet. He was so cute and the sweetest thing!

Embroidered Top...

Apr 17, 2017

Bag, Chanel

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend! You know I love my family time so it was pretty great. My husband and I did a little bit of outside work and got all of our plants moved to our patio. Currently trying to convince him that we need azalea bushes planted all around our little outside area. He's not convinced 😝I am so excited about my peonies this year! My mother in law planted them in this gorgeous turquoise pot for my birthday last year but it was past peony season, so this will be the first time they bloom for me! So far I have 9 little buds and I'm crossing my fingers for more. 

I went shopping (light shopping, almost not even to be considered shopping) with my sisters on Friday after our lunch outing and found this top and immediately knew I had to have it. My sister Taylor also bought it, but she got the black version- which is great because we are the same size & now we can swap :) I love the embroidery detail & I also like that you can wear it as an off the shoulder top OR a wide neck peasant top. You can also wear the sleeves pushed up at the elbows which is super cute. Off the shoulder is my favorite trend this season, (Last off the sholder post here) I don't like to wear shorts too too often so this is a nice balance for the warmer months :)

xo, Samantha Brooke

Cold Shoulder & Ruffles..

Apr 14, 2017

Similar shirt here here & here
Bag, LV
Bracelet, David Yurman
Sunglasses, Chanel

First of all, lavender lattes for life. Secondly, I had the best time this evening meeting up with my blogger girls for a late lunch. We sat outside and on a patio and the weather was absolutely perfect! I think it's important to get together to chat and vent about things blogging related. You know, the things non-bloggers could care less about haha. It's nice to have people who understand and are going through the same things <3 Thankful for the relationships I have made on this journey & for each and every one of you!

xo, Samantha brooke

ruffle cold shoulder, nordstrom, michael kors sandals

nordstrom cold shoulder top, louis vuitton neverfull

nordstrom, cold shoulder top, blanknyc jeans

Little Lace Dress...

Apr 13, 2017

Sunglasses, Karen Walker (currently 20% off with code EVENT17)

Obvi you can tell I have been obsessing over neutrals and pastels lately and this dress is a pastel blue dream! The lace detail on the back, the sleeves, the loose flowy perfect! Runs TTS, I ordered a medium and had to have it taken in, so stick with your regular size. So cute for bridal showers, casual weddings, date night, dinner at the beach, so many options!

I have been ditching the gym lately for workouts outside and I absolutely love it. I actually look forward to my workouts, and that says a lot for me! The weather is perfect and my mom and sister joined me tonight, it's just refreshing. My allergies hate me in the mornings- seriously I get the worst headaches and ithcy eyes, but it's worth it. Anyway, since I'm on a rambling spree...I think I eat too much sushi. I had tuna sashimi tonight for the third time this week, and it's only Monday. It's my favorite and it doesn't help that I can get that and rice and cucumber salad (my favorite meal lately) like two minutes from where I live. I go on these kicks where I eat the same thing over and over and over and it's all I want. Why am I like this?? Ha

PS! I have two drugstore finds I am absolutely loving! One is a sunless tanner and the other is an oil-free BB Cream. I'm going to use them for another week or so before doing a review, just to make sure there are no bad side effects lol. 

Off the Shoulder Stripes & Ruffles...

Apr 12, 2017

tj maxx top, ray ban aviators, striped ruffle off the shoulder top

tj maxx top, ray ban aviators, striped ruffle off the shoulder top

tj maxx top, ray ban aviators, striped ruffle off the shoulder top

tj maxx top, ray ban aviators, striped ruffle off the shoulder top

Top, TJ Maxx. Similar here & here

Happy hump day! 🐫 Loving off the shoulder tops for spring & TJ Maxx is the best place to find these & cold shoulder tops. Here in NC we get about two-three weeks of 'spring' before it gets so hot your face melts off when you walk outside, so I am livin it up while I can! Soon it'll be tanks and loose fitting dresses to avoid heat stroke 😅

I wore this yesterday for lunch and shopping with my blogging bestie Carolyn. We grabbed sushi and stopped by Altar'd State for some spring things. Have you been in there lately?? I want EVERYTHING. So many pretty lacey white tops and dresses. So anyway, I wore this outfit and I hate a strapless bra so I went with the sticky ones. You know, the sticky bra things that look like a thin sliver of raw chicken? Yeah, make sure you don't use lotion before you wear those. Otherwise you'll have a malfunction like me & one might fall off. On the sidewalk. NBD stranger it's just half of my bra laying on the ground.

xo, Samantha Brooke

PS! Wanted to share my favorite flip-flops from the past four years! I have worn them for four summers and they still look brand new. Highly recommend <3

Lace & Embroidered Details

Apr 10, 2017

This weekend has been amazing! The weather has been perfect, my SIL's wedding was absolutely beautiful, we relaxed around the house and did some yard stuff, spent Sunday together running errands and then laying out in the sun for a bit, and I found a new wine that I love :) I'd call these past few days a great success 💗🍷

PS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pink bag but just know that the quality is not the best. I still think it is a good deal because the colors, embroidery, and the chain are amazing, the bag itself though is not made from the best material. Just wanted to give an honest review :)

xo, Samantha Brooke

Blush Wrap Dress

Apr 7, 2017

tobi kimmy wrap dress, blush wrap dress

Sunglasses, Chanel
Similar shoes here, here, & here
Necklaces, Forever 21

Loving this Tobi wrap dress! It's currently on sale for $29 and definitely size up! I'm wearing a medium (usually a small) and could def even wear a large. I love the blush and the faux wrap detail, perfect for all spring/summer. 💗

I did something crazy. Or, tried to do something crazy. I'm giving up Gluten. I wrote about my stomach issues (great topic I know) a few months ago and I have given dairy (except for the occasional bit of cheese) and I very rarely have fried food or red meat because both make me bloat and give me a stomach ache but oh man they're so good. Anyway, I have still been having digestive issues so I decided to go full on and try gluten free. I've been doing it since Sunday and it actually isn't as hard as I thought it would be, except for the cereal part. Most of my favorite cereals are a no-go now which totally sucks...I still have Lucky Charms so there's that. I thought giving up most breads would be the end of the world but it really isn't bad! I haven't had any tummy issues either which is def a good sign. I will do an update soon on if it's working or not, but I feel like it is which is kinda scary haha. I also need to do some major research and find some gluten free substitutes for my carbs bc white rice is yummy but it's getting old quick.

PS: Feeling extra thankful for my family lately. Esp my mom & nana who hold us all together and for teaching us that a family is hard work. Everyone has to to work to stay together and keep that bond, otherwise you drift apart...grateful for the women that hold us together and for passing their values along.
Favorite Disney quote <3
xo, Samantha Brooke

Casual Night Out & My New Favorite Heels

Apr 5, 2017

Shirt, Anthro (old) Almost exact here & love this one
Bag, Gucci

The time between spring/summer and summer/fall are my absolute favorite! I love how perfect the weather is and how long the days are. Tonight I had my first patio dinner of the season and it was absolute perfection. Nothing beats a white button up and jeans for a casual night out <3 I also love these pumps, the heel height is low enough to walk around downtown but high enough to add some edge to your look. 

So I think I have the most spoiled dog on the planet. She's a chihuahua and she can be sooo sweet and then 2 seconds later turns into a little devil (nothing like my other furbaby who is always just super sweet). Like last night, I was petting her and stopped for a second and she turned around super quick and bit my wrist! Because she wanted me to keep petting her. I was kinda stunned and also thought it was funny...which is probably why she is mean at times ha. It's a good thing I don't have children yet, I am a terrible disciplinary. Like, terrible.  

xo, Samantha Brooke

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