Disney Style

Mar 14, 2017

disney style, disney tee, givenchy antigona

disney style, disney tee, givenchy antigona

disney style, disney tee, givenchy antigona

Jeans & here
Moto jacket, Lucky Brand. Similar option here
Bag & budget option here
Sunglasses, Celine
Watch, Michele

  So I was scrolling through the Instagram 'explore page', you know, that page where you intend to spend just a few min and you literally fall down a rabbit hole, anyway, I saw this male blogger rockin his Mickey shirt and I was like 'I have so many Disney shirts I never wear!''s actually a bit embarrassing, 🙈 I get a new one for each Disney trip and I also buy one as a souvenir. So I decided to rock one. I'm a total fan-girl, I love Disney and I'm obsessed with TWD and anything with vampires lol. I was the girl who read alllll of the Twilight books (in one weekend!) and saw all of the movies TWICE in theaters. So yeah, just so you know how much of  a nerd I am haha. My Disney obesession started when I was a child and my parents took me and my siblings for the first time-which was huge for us because we were a large family and definitely didn't have a lot of money. Hooked ever since. I've gone twice in the past year and I just love love love the nostalgic feeling it gives me & can't WAIT to go back this year. It's definitely a happy place :)

xo, Samantha Brooke

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