Spring Transitioning Layers

Feb 28, 2017

loft utilty blouse, cargo vest, nordstrom

loft utility blouse, chloe faye

loft utility blouse, white button up, chloe faye

loft utility vest, chloe faye, karen walker sunglasses

I am all about buying pieces that can be easily worn all year round. A wardrobe built around 'elevated' basics (as I refer to them in my head ha) can literally yield countless outfits. I feel like a cargo vest is so essential for year round and is a great basic piece to have. I love it for transitioning between the seasons and I love the light layered effect. Another piece that is great for year round is this blouse! It looks like silk but it's much lower maintenance I promise haha. It also has the best movement and I love the way it falls. Is it weird that I notice things like that about fabrics??

I'm currently listening to the Golden Girls on tv and diffusing my favorite essential oil blend. I recently got back into taking my vitamins daily (like, religiously daily) and man have I noticed a difference! I would normally start my day with a cup of coffee (still do that!) and need a second and sometimes a third cup by mid-afternoon! The past month or so that I have been taking my vitamins I have been totally fine with just my morning cup of joe. I have also been drinking more water (still need to drink even more!) and making an effort to eat better, I wasn't eating terrible terrible but there is always room for improvement. I feel like my girl's night out the other night was like my 'last supper' haha! When can we go out for pizza & drinks again?? 🙈 No, but seriously it is crunch time!

xo, Samantha Brooke

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