Ruffle Sleeves x Vintage Beauty

Feb 2, 2017

Top, sold out. Almost exact HERE & Love this one
Bag, Chanel. Similar HERE ($75)
Similar jeans under $50 HERE
Snakeskin booties here & here
Earrings, Gorjana
Similar hat here

Another day of spring-like weather <3 Loved being able to wear this ruffle sleeve tee comfortably without having to worry about a jacket! Also, I can't tell you how excited I am about my newest addition to the purse collection. It isn't my 'dream' Chanel bag (because that one's like five grand, freakin insane!) but I LOVE this bag so much and I honestly can't believe she's mine 😭 I have wanted a Chanel since I was 16. It has just been THE BAG, ya know? I feel like it goes so well with my style- sometimes chic...sometimes a hot boho mess haha. Tomorrow I'm having more blonde balayage added to my hair, can't wait! I love having the darker roots and then the edginess that the blonde adds. Plus, when I wear a hat it looks like I'm completely blonde which is kinda cool I guess? Anyway, today I went with my blogger gals (Emily & Carolyn) downtown to grab coffee, lavender lattes to be exact, and shoot some looks. I have GOT TO find out where I can buy lavender syrup. I love it omg, it's so good. If I could add that to spruce up my cheap K Cups on the daily it would be like a dose of Heaven in a cup 💗 OH! We had a bit of sunshine today (70 degrees!) & it was so nice to sit out and get some Vitamin D. Last year I developed a Vitamin D deficiency and I literally felt depressed. I'm talking crying over anything, super emotional wreck. Our bodies need certain things and they do not function well without them, so be sure to take your vitamins and get a little sunshine! I was told at least 10-15 of sunshine (on your face, neck, hands), just a little health FYI :)

xo, Samantha Brooke

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