Blush Pink is the New Black

Feb 24, 2017

styled adventures

blush pink blazer, styled adventures blog

styled adventures blog, pink peonies pink blazer

pink peonies pink blazer

pink peonies pink blazer

Happy Friday! So obviously you know I'm on a blush kick, I love it (I actually want to repaint my living room light pink 🙊) & I feel like this is such a versatile color and many girls don't realize just how versatileToday I am so excited to team up with one of my blogger friends Laura from Styled Adventures to share how versatile it is! This blazer (wearing a small), for instance, can be worn casually (like I did in the post) OR you could wear it with black skinny pants, black tank, and black heels or sandals for a super chic office look! (I actually wore that to work once before I blogged full time...) I also plan to wear it with a romper in the next few weeks :) 

Last night I went out with my best gals for pizza & drinks and as always had such a great time. Girl time is so important for me- even if it's just for a quick coffee or something. I love being around empowering women who are confident in themselves and just lift you up in their presence! I wish we could get together more often but #adulting kinda gets in the way. Oh well, just makes each hang out sesh that more special 💛 Isn't it funny how life just throws people into your path?? I always think about the circumstances under which I've met 'my people' and it just baffles my mind sometimes! Like, if we each had made the teeniest decision a bit differently, we never would have crossed paths! Anyway, sorry for getting kinda mushy lol. I'm just so grateful for such positive people in my life. It warms my heart <3

**PS: Be sure to check out Laura's post, she went a little more sporty chic (VERSATILITY PEOPLE!) with her look 👟💗! Also, if you are not following her on Instagram you're missing out...just sayin'

xo, Samantha Brooke

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