Blue Suede Shoes

Feb 27, 2017

bp luminate blue

bp luminate blue

express striped portofino shirt

So I love heels. Like love them. They make my legs look slimmer and longer, and I just feel more confident when I wear them. With that being said, I realize high heels aren't practical for all outings. I usually reach for heels that are 3" or under when I know I will be walking around a lot, then I'll save my higher pairs for things like nights out with my girls or a date night. To me, 3" (the ones I am wearing in this post are 3") is not that high and is super comfortable. These $60 ones from Nordstrom are some of my favorites and they come in tons of colors! They also make a block heel version which is also great for lots of walking :) I wore this the other day in downtown Winston Salem- I went to Burger Batch and holy moly those milkshakes! Insane!

Can you believe it's basically March?? So many great things happening this month- a Charleston trip, lots of fun spring content, and (my favorite!) the time change! I LOVE when the days become long and you can just go out and eat on the patio somewhere at like 8 or 9 and watch the sunset. It just makes me so giddy thinking about it haha. Such a girl. Anyway, cheers to a new week 💗

xo, Samantha Brooke

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