Jan 24, 2017

Sunglasses, Ray-Ban
Headband, Ulta
Booties, Choie's c/o
Bag, Coach (vintage) Similar here
Necklaces: here & here
Similar jeans here
Duster, Lularoe (sold here) Similar duster here (under $40)
Similar bangles here

So I was weary about jumping on the Lularoe train, mostly because most of the pieces aren't my style, I like simple and plain pieces so I can mix them up with other simple and plain pieces. But I kept hearing all these great things about it and wanted to try it out for myself! I love a duster sweater, like in this post & this one and knew I would love this gray cardigan. I can totally see me wearing this into spring and even with shorts and sandals on rainy days in summer (ah, summer 😍). It fits in with my semi-boho vibes and I love that. So my lesson learned was never say never. Cliche I know, but you don't know if something will work for you until you try it! Also YAY for my hair finally being long enough to pin it all up with (lotssss) of bobby pins! I missed this hairstyle lol.

I went to the lady doctor today for a physical, joy joy, and apparently I have gained 7 pounds since last year- the horror! I disagree with going by a number though. I have been working out more and I am still the same size, obviously I'm not gaining unhealthy weight and I feel like most people don't take these things into consideration before freaking out. On the way home I thought about how my insecure younger self would have reacted- she wouldn't have eaten hardly anything for a week and would have lost those 7 pounds real quick! I remember being in college and my logic was, 'if I get this chicken sandwich and eat half now and half later, it's the same as two meals.' Then I would go to the gym and do 45 minutes of cardio. So stupid. My current self went to Chick-Fil-A after the appointment for a grilled chicken sandwich (and ate the whole sandwich, not half ha) and fruit then came home and did her Monday workout. Healthy is healthy and numbers don't define that.

xo, Samantha Brooke

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