Autumn Days

Nov 23, 2016

On me: similar hat, similar vest here & herejeansboots, Kaitlyn Pan c/osimilar top

On Tuesdays my sister, Taylor, doesn't have any classes (my other sister has classes all the days), so I try to bribe Tay to hang out with me by telling her I'll buy her some food. It usually works. Today we went to Printworks Bistro, it's a nearby restaurant at an eco friendly posh hotel. It's one of those super cute places that has ok food and is way overpriced, but we love going there haha. It's just so cute! 

After that we stopped to snap some pics because I mean, our outfits had to be documented (obviously) and these trees were just too amazing! I have said it a million times, this fall has been absolutely amazing. Here we are toward the end of November and we still have great color and foliage. LOVE IT.

xo, Samantha Brooke

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