DIY Beauty {Pumpkin Mask}

Oct 7, 2016

As an esthetician, I love making my own masks and scrubs with natural ingredients, and I thought I would start sharing my recipes :) In the spirit of Fall, this pumpkin enzyme mask is deliciously good! This is a great chemical exfoliant because of the acids/enzymes in the pumpkin, and the honey is a great source for moisturizing. The other benefits are: 

Great for exfoliating and removing dead skin cell build-up because it is packed with enzymes and natural AHAs. Works well for brightening skin and helps with sun damage. It is loaded with Vitamin A & C. It also contains Vitamin E which helps regulate oil production. So many good things!

Honey is a natural anti-microbial and can help fight acne breakouts from spreading. It is also loaded with antioxidants, which will rejuvenate skin and fight free radicals (those pesky things that cause aging). 

To Make: 
Mix one tablespoon cooked pumpkin (I used canned) and one teaspoon of honey. The smoother the mask is the better it goes on your skin, I used my kitchen blender. I also made extra to keep on hand in the fridge ;)

To Use: 
Apply with a clean face brush (or clean fingertips!) onto a freshly cleansed and dry face. Leave on for 10-12 minutes and remove with a warm damp cloth. Since this is an exfoliator, I do not recommend using this more than 2-3 times a week. You don't want to remove your healthy skin cells, just those dull dead ones. 

If you are allergic to either products, do not try this. Also ALWAYS do a patch test to make sure any new skin care will not cause a reaction. 


xo, Samantha Brooke
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