Beauty Refresh w/ Doll Up Beauty

Apr 25, 2016

Earrings, c/o Happiness Boutique | Makeup orgainzer c/o Dollup Beauty

Ok, so being a 'fashion' blogger*, obviously I have to be in pictures. And obviously when you know you are going to be in pictures you want to look your best, or try to haha. Sometimes I can get my schedule JUST right and can get my pictures done before I have time to spill something on me or mess up my makeup, aka, have someone take photos right after I get ready. Other times, like this past Sunday, I have things to do before this can be done. This time it was the important task of brunch :) ((I was oh so careful not to spill my coffee on myself!)) On days like this, especially warm days in NC, a makeup refresher is pretty inevitable! Rather than lug around a heavy bulky makeup bag, I am so glad to have found Dollup Beauty's makeup organizer. This slim clutch contains a mirror, a place to insert mascaras, lipglosses, etc, and it also has a magnetic palette to keep your makeup in place. I was a little confused about this at first, but most of makeup compacts (Dior, Chanel, etc) contain magnetic makeup pans that you can 'depot'. You place these on the magnetic wall in the clutch and voila! They stay in place. Why didn't I think of this?? Ladies, this is life changing. No more lugging around allll of those compacts, just the clutch :) (PS: I got the rose gold one. So pretty!)

*I say 'fashion' blogger because I really don't consider myself to be this haha. I am more of just a blogger that documents personal style <3

I will share outfit details in my next post!

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