Chambray Dress...

Mar 30, 2016

Dress, old. Similar here & here & here & here :) | Shoes, Bella Vita | Sunnies, Ray Ban | Bag, Louis Vuitton | Watch, Michele

Random Ramblings: 

I love having these longer days. My office at work has NO windows and only one door that looks out to the outside world, so I would see literally zero sunshine all day. Now I can workout outside until like 7:30 and tell such a boost in my mood and energy!

How do girls look so cute when they go out for Mexican?? All these girls on Instagram look like absolute dolls going out for tacos! You know what I wear? Gym clothes. Stretchy ones! I also usually have my hair up bc I don't want nothin' in my way! I'm going out for tacos tomorrow, I will make it a goal to be cute...

I have very few pet peeves. But two of my biggest annoyances are people smacking their fingers and crunching their food loudly. I have no idea why I am this way, but holy moly it angers me. It's so weird because I can't think of anything else that makes me mad haha. I can't believe I just admitted this...

I have been late to like everything lately. I got a speeding ticket the other day, and in the state of NC you can only get out of one ticket every three years with a lawyer...I'm pretty sure that's the rule. Anyway, I haven't been brave enough to speed anymore and I haven't been bright enough to leave my house earlier (I would normally just make up time on the highway...oops) so I'm just late! To everything! And I'm also semi-jealous of those who are speeding. 

Bell Sleeves

Mar 28, 2016

Top, H&M | Shoes, Ugg | Watch, Michele | Jeans, Express. Similar Here (love them!) | Hat, H&M | Bag, Similar colors here & here

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. My family didn't have a traditional Easter feast, we did calzones and salads haha. I think my mom is just over turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, etc, every single holiday! And there are sooo many holidays, good grief. Not complaining though! I love them all- no matter what type of food is there. I love all food, too :) We gave the doggies their treats this morning, they were so excited haha, just like little children. I love how happy they get over little things, it is just the cutest thing! Oh! I also planted a few flowers in these little planters I found and I love how they turned out. I researched which plants were 'hardy' lol, because I don't have the greenest of thumbs, so hopefully these hold up! I even added some ivy with hopes that it will spread and kinda flow over the planters, we shall see.

This is what I wore for brunch and lattes Saturday morning with my sisters. Here's a tip that will help you out in life: when you are having brunch and everyone orders the stuffed french toast, don't order an egg white omelet. Unless you want to regret it the. entire. meal. I mean, I like eating healthy but man that french toast looked bomb. Anyway, I snatched this top a couple weekends ago and I LOOOVVEE the sleeves! They flutter perfectly and it looks so good with flares. Obviously I'm a big fan of boho chic and 70's vibes, so this look is right up my alley. 


Floral Frock

Mar 23, 2016


Shoes, Ugg | Bag, Rebecca Minkoff | Hat, H&M | Top, Free People | Jeans, old. 

So, I am obsessed with rose gold. I mean- it's pink gold. What's not to love? When I ran across this bag I KNEW I had to have it. Love at first sight! Anyway, I have been really impatient lately. I know patience is a virtue and I try to have it, but knowing that exciting things are literally right around the corner, but not really being able to do anything about it just driving me crazy! I will share with you guys everything that's coming up once I get my ducks in a row, just know it will me make me so much happier with my place in life. Ahhh, I can't wait to share and hate to be so vague- I just can't say to much just yet :)

Thank you for reading here and supporting me with this little part of my life. I will never me able to express how much it means to me. Also! If you follow me on insta let me know who you are via email or DM! I'd love to follow back, I'm always looking for people to connect with <3


Pamlico House B&B

Mar 19, 2016

The foyer of the B&B, right when you walk in the door you are greeted with antique charm.

A little reading spot located at the top of the stairs.


The breakfast table where you are served a homemade gourmet breakfast. So delicios! Still thinking about that french toast.

A cute restaurant right down the street from the B&B, located in the center of downtown Washington, NC. 


This is where my mom, my sisters and I stayed a few weeks back during our little weekend getaway in Washington, NC. It was our first B&B experience and we loved it! We loved the cozy feel, the warm welcomes, the food (duh!) and the charming atmosphere. You can always tell when something is built with love, you just can't get that feeling at a chain hotel- no matter how fancy the bathroom samples may be. If you ever find yourself in the Innerbanks town of Washington, North Carolina, I highly recommend the Pamlico House Bed & Breakfast. My sister had joked that she kinda hoped it was haunted haha, sadly it wasn't!

Bath, NC

Mar 8, 2016

Walking the streets of this small town was an experience. It is the oldest town in NC and was also the home of Edward Teach, aka Black Beard. I swear I could feel the history here. The views of the Pamlico River can be seen from every street just about, and with a population of less than 300 there are no cars driving around, no stoplights, no hustle and bustle. All you hear are seagulls and the wind. It is like stepping back in time. I loved it. 
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