Easy Crock-Pot Fajitas

Nov 18, 2015

I'm not going to lie, cooking is not something that I enjoy. I feel like for two busy people, take out is just more cost effective and time efficient. Not to mention that pretty much any place you go nowadays has a healthy option. When I do cook, I like for what I make to be healthy and as easy as possible. These fajitas fit the bill! So easy and so tasty!

Chicken breast tenderloins
Fajita seasoning
Bell peppers (2)
Chopped onion 

Place the tenderloins in the crock-pot with just enough water to cover them. Add in the fajita seasoning, chopped onion, and bell peppers (I cut mine in strips) and mix the seasoning in. I cooked mine on high for and hour and a half and they were perfect. You can take a spatula to 'chop' up the chicken, that's how tender they get. 

We had refried beans and my husband's amazing fresh guacamole that he makes with ours :) Try these for your next Taco Tuesday & enjoy!
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