Oct 23, 2015

Boots, Forever 21 | Leggings, Nordstrom | Bag, Givenchy | Sweater, Forever 21

Obviously by now you know my love for grays and blacks. I like basic pieces that can be worn with outfit after outfit and still have a different look. Grays and blacks are the easiest for this, these two colors look so good together and the combinations are innumerable. I highly recommend these OTK boots! They are under $50 and sooo comfy. They also come in two other colors. 

I have been fighting some sort of icky sickness the past couple of days. I haven't a clue what it is but it has left me weak, shortness of breath, and with the worst headache. I definitely didn't lose my appetite though! haha. I think I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, which is an activity that I loathe. I seriously get super nervous. I think it was all the visits I had to make when I had a previous problem. Wish me luck!


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