Jun 21, 2015

Sandals, Tory Burch | Bag, Gucci | Shorts, Old Navy. Similar Here | Sunnies, Ray Bans | Hat, J Crew | Shirt, Anthro (old), Similar Here | Watch, Michele

We got in from our beach trip a few hours ago. Whew! I am wore slap out! I feel like I haven't rested all weekend. We had a blast and I have not acted so young and silly in far too long. I'll post some pics and a funny video on my next post. Those girls were just too  much! It took us an extra hour to get home because we were on the hunt for some ice cream. After getting turned around once or twice (or three times, oops) and asking for directions at a random gas station (seriously out in the middle OF NO WHERE) we finally found the cutest fruit stand that sold ice cream! Day made!

*ps: Sorry these pics look funky. My camera was in the room where it was cool from the air conditioning and then when we went to take pictures everything kept fogging up because it was SOOOO hot out!

Until next time,

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