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May 24, 2015

 Romper $13! | Necklace, old. Similar | Shoes | Bag, Prada | Hat, Truffaux. Similar Here

I wore this amazingly comfy romper while we were in Hawaii. Looking back at these pics makes me miss that place soooo much. Ah, take me back! ...

So lately I have really been focusing on being a positive person. I am very much the optimist and love to uplift and encourage, but sometimes (and it's absolutely absurd!) people's words just stick and get you a bit down. I don't even think it's their words so much as it's their INTENT. Like fine, OK. You wanna be a mean girl, that's cool. I can let the words roll off BUT when I sit and think that someone took time to intentionally be offensive and rude, it just really bothers me for some reason. And it's not like my feelings are hurt, I'm just thinking- how many other people are being this negative/mean? Why do people think it is OK to say whatever they want because they are behind a computer screen? Is our society that desensitized that we have forgotten that there is a human being on the other end of those words you are typing? It is just mind boggling to me. Mind. Boggling.

Anywaysss. Today was amazing. It was a perfect warm, sunny, spring day spent with great
family/friends. I spent the day kayaking with a group (that split into two groups so us girls became our extra goofy selves that come out when it's just us girls around lol) then we had a cookout for Memorial Day. It was just full of good times. I love that.
Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is enjoying this long weekend! Aren't they the best???

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