Snowshoe Mountain, WV

Feb 22, 2015

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So this weekend we ventured to Snowshoe Mountain with my brother and his girlfriend. As you can see in the above pics (which do not do the place justice) it is absolutely breathtaking country. I was in awe of the land, the mountains, the sky, everything was stunning. We had planned to do some skiing, eat out a couple times, hang out, then come back. We weren't expecting winter storm Pandora to show up, or for J (my fiance) to get sick from some bad chicken at Hardee's (last resort eating on the way in. Never again).

We still had a blast. I am a terrible at skiing but live and learn. It could also have something to do with 25 mile per hour winds and constant snowfall, but I am pretty confident I will never go pro ;)
I will be posting more pictures some time this week of the snow storm and piles of snow that were EVERYWHERE! It was like I was at the North Pole. Also, I had no idea that there wasn't cell phone service in that part of WV. From what the locals told us there is a satellite there that is being used to try to contact aliens? The satellite covers a 13,000 square mile area that is a 'quiet zone'. Very, very limited cell phone service (none if you have Verizon) and limited radio signals as well. Kind of interesting, but also a little unnerving when you are travelling up a mountain with few signs of civilization for hours on end. It felt like an adventure!

Can't wait to share more pics and also a list of what you should pack if you are going on your own 'mountain adventure' ;)

PS: the look above is what I wore while we were DRIVING to WV. Definitely not what I had to wear while on the mountain. Those outfits consisted of ski pants, sweatshirts, ski jackets, toboggans, and a rain jacket over all of it to keep dry. OH! and let's not forget the ever present snow goggles. So fab! haha. I'll post a pic of my group in our gear in my next post :)

Thanks for reading,
xo Sam


  1. So stunning! It just looks gorgeous there!


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