Hi there!

 I'm Samantha Brooke- I'm 28 years old living life with my high school sweetheart in NC with our two spoiled rotten pups. I am a coffee obsessed blogger who loves photography, clothes, skin care, and embraces messy hair days. I'm my happiest when I can create, and this little space is my place just for that. I am a licensed esthetician and I love sharing my favorite beauty products and natural remedies. 

A few random things I love:

Disney! Obsessed with Disney World!
Clothes, duh.
Mascara. I buy  all of them. ALL OF THEM.
Anywhere with a beach.
Hawaii! We got married there and I spent a couple summers there as a teen. It holds a special place in my heart 💓
Traveling. To anywhere.
My family. I'm the oldest of four and my entire fam is super close.
The changing of the seasons. I get a little flutter in my heart each time I see the newly bloomed flowers, or freshly fallen leaves. Le sigh, I love nature.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy what I share!

 xo Samantha Brooke

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