What my Messy Hair Taught Me

Jun 23, 2019

Fun fact: my hair is usually 'messy'. Always has been, always will be. Hence the blog name. Growing up I had curly frizzy hair and didn't know how to take care of it, so I would BRUSH IT (a HUGE NO NO NO), put it in a bun, and spray in with hairspray to try to battle to flyaways that were bound to occur with naturally curly hair. Both of my parents had straight hair, so I always felt a bit cheated when it came to the hair gene pool my frizzies were dipped from. I remember always looking at my mom's perfectly coiffed hair and comparing it to my messy crown. I never felt 'polished'. I think I figured out how to care for my hair in 8th grade and mastered my crazy waves and curls by my junior year of high school. I came to wear my curls proudly, as it wasn't a common thing...especially in the early 2000s when flatironed hair was allll the rage. I hate I wasted so many years of my youth hating my hair and trying to hide it, and I also hate that I spent my early blogging years trying to evolve into 'blogger hair' aka the loose curling wand waves. (Note: I still do this look occasionally, but not everyday like I felt I had to a few years ago). Moral of the story is this: don't let society make you feel like you have to change any part of yourself. Embrace you- crazy frizzy wavy curls and all. 

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