Messy Up-Do

Mar 8, 2019

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I frequently get asked to do hair tutorials which I would
LOVE to do, but I feel like I suck at hair and also I'm not the best at explaining how I fix my hair because it never ever looks the same more than once! Curly hair probs for sure. This is an attempt at me trying to explain how I do my messy up-do, without having to be super awkward on video. Sorry if it doesn't help you or I didn't relay the info well 🙈

So, my first step to getting this look is second day hair- meaning I washed on Tuesday and did this look on Thursday. I add extra product before I attempt an up-do, just to add texture. For this look I teased a little bit on the top and at my crown, twisted my hair up into a loose bun and pinned it up with bobby pins. After I pinned the bun with 4 bobbies I used my fingers to add some 'poofines', added a few more bobbies in the back to make it stable, then sprayed with hairspray and added a headband :) If it doesn't feel or look right at first just play with it and add some more bobby pins where needed. Once it's all up the goal is just to make it stay and look decent haha, which is totally doable with enough pins and hairspray. I like for my up-dos (well, hair in general) to look fixed but not perfect. I like a little messy and a lot of volume!

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