Drugstore Beauty Finds

Mar 18, 2019

My typical and most worn 'makeup look' consists of
under eye concealer, a tinted moisturizer, mascara, bronzer, and highlight. Some days though, like for going out or special events, you need or even just want a little extra, so having a good foundation in your arsenal with the basics is kind of a must! I wanted to share my favorite drugstore beauty finds with you guys- all of these work great for me and they can be used for low-key looks or you can use them to create a full face...with the addition of bronzer and or blush (I just haven't yet found a drugstore bronzer or blush that I LOVE). And the best part is that all of these brands are cruelty free!

A great dupe for Glossier Boy Brow. It contains little fibers so you can really make your brows look a  lot fuller!

Lasts all day and super easy to use. I use it to shape my brows before I fill them in with the Wow Brow. 

Comparable to Becca highlighter, the color and highlight is amazing, especially for the price! Even if I skip foundation, I usually always wear some bronzer and highlight :) 

Great for midday shine, especially with the humidity coming soon to the south! On days that I skip all makeup I spray this to stay shine free. **If you get this and think it is broken (like I did!) it isn't lol, you have to SHAKE. IT. Like REALLY SHAKE it up because it contains bits of clay in the spray. 

I love the big brush and it doesn't flake! Makes my lashes longer and fuller.

Doesn't smudge throughout the day, even after working out. Love the sharp tip. 

So good for photographs! Gives your skin a 'blurred' effect. (Swatch below)

I love that this auto matches to your skin tone. Love it for days when I need a little something but don't want to wear any makeup. I will say that the coverage is more of a tinted moisturizer finish than a typical BB Cream look. (Swatch below)

I remember sneaking in the bathroom when I was like 4 and playing with my mom's Coty powder...I've used this as a setting powder with certain foundations since high school, and as a 'foundation' when I was playing with makeup even before then. I get it in 'translucent' and it is by far my favorite setting powder EVER. 

Burt's Bees Lip-colors $5-9
I have two vibrant colors from the Burt's Bees lip line. 'Cherry' in the Lip Shimmer and 'Tahitian Sunrise' in the Gloss Lip Crayon. I like the feel of the Gloss Lip Crayon better, but the color of the Lip Shimmer lasts longer. **I will say that for these to work for me, I have to keep my lips exfoliated. I typically do this at night with a sugar and coconut oil scrub. Otherwise the color tends to look patchy. (Swatches below)



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