Tropical Paradise

Aug 31, 2018

What a week! We got back in from Maui on Tuesday

Dominican Republic

Aug 12, 2018

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For this leg of our trip we stopped in the Dominican Republic and took a taxi to Puerto Plata. We walked around and explored, sweated like crazy, ate some of the local food,

Mixing Labels

Aug 6, 2018

gucci belt, jane finds, old navy jeans, xo samantha brooke, nc blogger, nc photographer, life and messy hair, sam brooke photo, nc lifestyle photographer

Jeans, Old Navy | Tank, Old Navy | Belt, Gucci | Sunglasses, Celine | Hat, Brixton

Happy Monday! It's so hot here when you walk outside it literally takes your breath away 🔥! I love some summer but this heat is for the birds. My poor pups don't understand why I won't let them run around outside, but if I do they get so hot and out of breath (like literally can't breathe) and I feel like a bad pet owner 🙈 

I've always been a fan of mixing high and low fashion pieces. I don't care if it's a designer bag or a $4 pair of jeans from Goodwill (trust, I have plenty of thrifted items), if I like it I'm going to wear it. I found this bag for $30 on and the Brixton hat was a NWT eBay score- I got it for half off what it's being sold at Nordstrom! I definitely don't discriminate when it comes to what I wear. Style isn't what you wear, it's how you wear it. 


Aug 2, 2018

(Holden Beach, NC August 2017) 

No judgement but I found this post from LAST AUGUST that I never posted so I was like ooooh, content! Coincidentally I just found that black dress in my closet this week (I had put it under another dress from some attempt to save hanger? Who can know.)

PS:  I'd *love* to have that tan back. Thanks. 

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