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Dec 11, 2017

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Happy two weeks until Christmas! This is kind of a random post but there are so many great items  I've been loving lately and I wanted to share all of them! 

1. UGGS! So warm and so comfy. I swear every year I forget how amazing they are. I have the pair above and a black pair and they are just the snuggliest things ever. 

2. Reese's Peanut Butter Creamer. OMG. Do I even need to explain why this stuff is on the faves list??
3. Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick. One of my girlfriends was wearing this when we went to dinner the other night and it looked so amazing that I had to try! I've bought three since then but Dusty Rose (had to hunt this one down) is seriously the best color.

4. Farsali Face oil. So I fell in love with Farah Dhukai on Instagram around this time last year. I love her all natural skincare regimens and her makeup skills are outta this world. Anyway. Her husband developed a skincare line that is just one of those 'trying is believing' type of products. I love a face oil and serums and these (I have the Rose Gold Elixir and Unicorn Essence) are words. The Rose Gold Elixir is an oil and I also use it on my lips before I apply my ABH lipstick. The Unicorn Essence is an antioxidant serum that contains Vitamin C so it's like a power punch of good things for your skin and can also be used (like I do) as a makeup primer. PS: Not sponsored, just obsessed.

5. Aveda hair products (gifted via Aveda but I seriously love their products, otherwise I would not have included them here). So I've been using these for about a month and a half and even my hairdresser noticed how much healthier my hair was! I have zero frizzies when I use the Smooth Infusion and the whole line smells so clean and fresh. (Also obsessed with their Shampure body mist. Holy smell good!)

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