No Makeup-Makeup Look {AKA my Beach Makeup Routine}

Aug 16, 2017

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I have had to change things up a bit as far as my makeup routine, especially when I spend the day in the sun. Below are my most used items that will be on repeat for the next couple weeks while I'm here. The foundation stick is perfect for going at at night, it stays pretty matte and it's super affordable. I put it directly on my face buy putting a line on my forehead, nose, cheekbones, and chin, then I use a brush or beauty blender to blend it in. I like to use the silicone blender for liquid foundation, but a brush or sponge is better for this more solid conisistency. The powder SPF is PERFECT for sweaty faces, it doesn't make you oily and the tinted powder is enough of a 'makeup look' for daytime. I'm staying away from heavy lip colors so my Fresh Sugar balm in Ruby has been what I reach for, and this mascara is so bold you can skip the eyeliner. The Light Blue perfume is my favorite beachy scent, and the hoops just make every outfit look fab. Easy peasy!


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