Beach Days

Aug 3, 2017

My sistasss. 

I decided to be extra this trip and got the ocean on my nails. Kinda diggin it. 

We are either eating super fresh, healthy foods, or total bullshit food. No in between! ha. Also, beach farm stands are my favorite. 

Patronie's! I loveee their pizza. We have been going here for a few years and I didn't know it, but my fellow blogger friend Savannah's family owns the place! (@theperfectedmess on Insta) It's such a small world indeed, guys!

This is from my beach trip a few weeks ago...but I also like to treat my blog as my 'diary' so I want these here <3 I love my family's annual beach trip. Our days are spent on the beach, and nights are spent eating at Provision Company (with a few too many Rum Dums) and then on the deck watching the summer storms roll in. Absolute Heaven and so good for the soul. I am so exciteddddd to be going back in a few weeks. It is seriously my happy place and I feel so much more creative and relaxed there! It's just going to be harder to shoot 'fall transitioning looks' haha since I'll be in a bathing suit everyday surrounded by sand and ocean, but I'm HOPING I can make it work! Bear with me if you get sick of summer fashion and that's all you see until September...

xo, Samantha Brooke