Light Sweater x Denim Shorts (aka what I wore to the mall)

Jul 12, 2017

Get the look:
Louis Vuitton Bag

I've been sucked into the blogging world too long- I had forgotten the joys of ACTUAL clothing shopping. For so long I have relied on online shopping for my wardrobe..which I still love btw. Shopping in your pjs from your couch while you're watching Netflix, I mean??? BUT! Going in stores with the girls and looking at clothes and trying them on and giving each other opinions is wayyy better. It's also nice to try things on while you're there (a task that I LOATHE but a few minutes in the fitting room will save you in the long run if you hate how it fits!) and feel the quality. This was my shopping look- sandals for comfort while walking a lot, comfy denim shorts, and a sweater because it's usually chilly in stores. Plus a hat because I hate fixing my know the deal :)

We are having the best time with my fam at the beach. So relaxing and I loveee soaking up that Vitamin D

xo, Samantha Brooke

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