Safari Chic?

May 2, 2017

express portofino shirt, denim shorts

express portofino shirt, denim shorts

Sooo this week I will TRY (lol) to get at least four posts up, but I have all the pictures from this weekend to edit plus I have a girl's beach trip this weekend so I don't know exactly if I will be on top of my blog stuff for the next few days! Definitely trying though :) Anyway, when it's super hot out like it has been sometimes you just don't wanna wear jeans! When I do reach for shorts I typically wear a thin long sleeve top with them or I'll throw on a long flowy kimono or cardigan to balance out the proportions. And of course a hat, because who wants to fix their hair everyday?? Not me.

I just finished watching 13 Reasons on Netflix and it really makes you think. Not only does it make you wonder what everyone is going through- and what little thing will make them snap, because we're human. We can only take so much. It also makes you think long and hard about what kids go through in high school. It def had me thinking back on all the things that happened in high school, and how quickly small rumors escalate. I've had guys lie about things on me before...and who does everyone believe? It's never the girl. It's even scarier these days because there is so much more instant access to social media, young girls really have to be extra careful and that is a shame. It's sad the things we have to learn and go through, and endure, but if I went through this in high school ELEVEN years ago, it obviously isn't going to change. I feel like there should be more laws protecting teen girls in these situations- and please don't say they shouldn't be in 'situations'. I was never in a 'situation' yet rumors still fly. Anyway, if you haven't watched it def do- of course there are things added for drama and effect, but all in all it def helps one see what it's like to be a teenage girl.

PS: when I wore this for lunch the other day my sister told me I looked like I was going on a safari. "But don't worry!" she said, "You're a cute adventurer!" gee, thanks. haha

xo, Samantha Brooke