Our Story

May 19, 2017

Anniversary print Kylee Blackburn Art c/o | Photos Ashley Goodwin Photography

I just wanted to give a little more insight about my relationship with my husband, get a little more personal than I typically do :)

*This is a repost from last year but I have some new followers now that I'd like to share this with PLUS we celebrated our 2 year wedding/12 years together anniversary on May 7 PLUS our story is my favoriteđź’“

We first met in the 1st grade. I actually have our class picture and there we are, tiny and toothless. We had several classes together up until high school. I never liked him. Couldn't stand him! He was so loud and  sooo cocky! This boy thought he was the best at everything. So annoying. Anyway, fast forward to Chemistry junior year. The teacher had assigned our seating and we had to find our names that she had written on the inside of the textbooks. I was early to class, actually I was the first one in there ha. I was searching for my name and ran across his. I remember thinking 'oh God please don't make me sit at this table'. I opened the book right across from his seat and there it was. My name. So I sat across from him (eye roll). I didn't talk to him at all at first, and we just became friends some how and talked NONSTOP. I also had to swallow my pride and admit to myself that I had been wrong. I had been very wrong about someone and I had judged him. Then we started hanging out more and more and on this date in 2005, we started dating. We've been inseparable ever since and in 2015 we eloped in Hawaii. I love doing life with my best friend and I love that we have so many more life adventures to look forward to <3

I know high school sweethearts are rare these days, but I think if you find love, no matter what age, you should hold on to it. I am glad that we waited until last year to get married, I feel like we grew into our own and things worked out better that way. I didn't know who I was at 22 or even 24 years old, and I feel like before you really take the plunge for marriage you should definitely find yourself and learn to love yourself first. Because it is true- if you can't love yourself, no one else can either. 

I also loved our simple elopement ceremony. I made my bouquet the day of with random flowers the lady at the corner florist in Waikiki would sell me, did my own hair, and my own makeup (holla Bare Mineralssss.. I wanted to look as natural and fresh faced as the Hawaiian humidity that day would allow). I was never 'that girl' that wanted a big wedding. I loved our personal ceremony and I wouldn't trade those two weeks we spent exploring Hawaii for anything on this planet.