Comfy Casual

May 15, 2017

So apparently these joggers are pajama pants and I didn't know that haha. If they were REALLY intended to be pajamas then they probably should have been in the pajama section at Old Navy. Just sayin. Anyway, I will continue to wear them in public as pants- I love them for the athleisure trend and they're super soft and comfortable. I wore them on Friday and it was one of those gray dreary cool days so this look was perfect for running errands and making Mother's Day baskets with my sisters. Oh! Our Carowind's trip has been delayed because we are irresponsible (lol) and never looked to see if the park was open for the day we wanted. Something told me to check on Sunday evening and lo and behold...CLOSED! So we will be going later this week #bummer

xo, Samantha Brooke


  1. This is such a cute comfy look! I love those pants!!

  2. Love this look! And beautiful bag!! XO


  3. Love the joggers and how you styled them

    Brandi Kimberly

  4. Everyone has joggers except for me! I need these ones!

  5. I love this casual look, your bag is so chic

  6. What?!? I didn't know they were pajama pants either! Totally cute though!

    xo, Hales |

  7. I love this athleisure look! I would totally wear them in public today. They look so comfy!


  8. I'm loving this outfit! I may have to recreate this tomorrow, it is so comfy chic!
    xoxo Barb

  9. Those are some really cute joggers!!! I need a pair now haha. I love how you are casual, but I can tell you are still a girly girl with the hair and yaass girl I love the pink drink too!! Looking fab!!
    Xo, Nikki |