The Davis Girls {Photography}

Feb 18, 2017

Little Ivy's friend was there for the photo session, so she jumped in a few shots <3

If there is one thing photography has taught me, or is teaching me I should say, is that you have to just roll with whatever is thrown at you. I would love for every session to have beautiful sunlight streaming through glistening leaves, a slight breeze- just enough to show movement in fabrics, and bright beautiful sparkly bokeh in the background from that perfect light. But guess what? It doesn't work like that. Some days you get literally zero light, gray skies, and crazy bad wind. You just gotta make best of what you're given and HOPE the pictures are ok haha. I still get anxiety when I edit these not so perfect sessions (I can't tell you how many times I sat down to work on these pictures!), but once I'm done all of that stress seems to have been in vain. Somehow I appreciate even the not so perfect ones.

These might not be my best work (it was sooo windy & the sun was NOT cooperating!), but they are definitely some of my favorites. There is something so special about mothers, daughters, and sisters. These two girls might not know it now, but the three of them will be best friends in a few short years. I legit remember thinking how people were crazy for telling my teenage self that my relationship with my mom would change one day, and that my sisters would be my besties. I was like, do you know how much we DON'T get along?? They were totally right though. I yearn for more time with them and am so thankful we are close <3

xo, Samantha Brooke