Spring Transitioning Layers

Feb 28, 2017

loft utilty blouse, cargo vest, nordstrom

loft utility blouse, chloe faye

loft utility blouse, white button up, chloe faye

loft utility vest, chloe faye, karen walker sunglasses

I am all about buying pieces that can be easily worn all year round. A wardrobe built around 'elevated' basics (as I refer to them in my head ha) can literally yield countless outfits. I feel like a cargo vest is so essential for year round and is a great basic piece to have. I love it for transitioning between the seasons and I love the light layered effect. Another piece that is great for year round is this blouse! It looks like silk but it's much lower maintenance I promise haha. It also has the best movement and I love the way it falls. Is it weird that I notice things like that about fabrics??

I'm currently listening to the Golden Girls on tv and diffusing my favorite essential oil blend. I recently got back into taking my vitamins daily (like, religiously daily) and man have I noticed a difference! I would normally start my day with a cup of coffee (still do that!) and need a second and sometimes a third cup by mid-afternoon! The past month or so that I have been taking my vitamins I have been totally fine with just my morning cup of joe. I have also been drinking more water (still need to drink even more!) and making an effort to eat better, I wasn't eating terrible terrible but there is always room for improvement. I feel like my girl's night out the other night was like my 'last supper' haha! When can we go out for pizza & drinks again?? 🙈 No, but seriously it is crunch time!

xo, Samantha Brooke

Blue Suede Shoes

Feb 27, 2017

bp luminate blue

bp luminate blue

express striped portofino shirt

So I love heels. Like love them. They make my legs look slimmer and longer, and I just feel more confident when I wear them. With that being said, I realize high heels aren't practical for all outings. I usually reach for heels that are 3" or under when I know I will be walking around a lot, then I'll save my higher pairs for things like nights out with my girls or a date night. To me, 3" (the ones I am wearing in this post are 3") is not that high and is super comfortable. These $60 ones from Nordstrom are some of my favorites and they come in tons of colors! They also make a block heel version which is also great for lots of walking :) I wore this the other day in downtown Winston Salem- I went to Burger Batch and holy moly those milkshakes! Insane!

Can you believe it's basically March?? So many great things happening this month- a Charleston trip, lots of fun spring content, and (my favorite!) the time change! I LOVE when the days become long and you can just go out and eat on the patio somewhere at like 8 or 9 and watch the sunset. It just makes me so giddy thinking about it haha. Such a girl. Anyway, cheers to a new week 💗

xo, Samantha Brooke

Blush Pink is the New Black

Feb 24, 2017

styled adventures

blush pink blazer, styled adventures blog

styled adventures blog, pink peonies pink blazer

pink peonies pink blazer

pink peonies pink blazer

Happy Friday! So obviously you know I'm on a blush kick, I love it (I actually want to repaint my living room light pink 🙊) & I feel like this is such a versatile color and many girls don't realize just how versatileToday I am so excited to team up with one of my blogger friends Laura from Styled Adventures to share how versatile it is! This blazer (wearing a small), for instance, can be worn casually (like I did in the post) OR you could wear it with black skinny pants, black tank, and black heels or sandals for a super chic office look! (I actually wore that to work once before I blogged full time...) I also plan to wear it with a romper in the next few weeks :) 

Last night I went out with my best gals for pizza & drinks and as always had such a great time. Girl time is so important for me- even if it's just for a quick coffee or something. I love being around empowering women who are confident in themselves and just lift you up in their presence! I wish we could get together more often but #adulting kinda gets in the way. Oh well, just makes each hang out sesh that more special 💛 Isn't it funny how life just throws people into your path?? I always think about the circumstances under which I've met 'my people' and it just baffles my mind sometimes! Like, if we each had made the teeniest decision a bit differently, we never would have crossed paths! Anyway, sorry for getting kinda mushy lol. I'm just so grateful for such positive people in my life. It warms my heart <3

**PS: Be sure to check out Laura's post, she went a little more sporty chic (VERSATILITY PEOPLE!) with her look 👟💗! Also, if you are not following her on Instagram you're missing out...just sayin'

xo, Samantha Brooke

T3 & Current Hair care Products

Feb 23, 2017

T3 hair dryer

T3 Singlepass

T3 Featherweight

Plum Pretty Sugar

Plum Pretty Sugar

About T3...

First of all, I am not a hair genius. Skin is my thing (esthetician probs) and I know how to handle my fine frizzy curly hair. I also only wash my hair twice a week, partly because I despise the chore but mostly to avoid extra damage! Now on to my experience with these products...So even if this hair dryer and straightening iron weren't so gorgeous (ROSE GOLD!), I'd still love them. The hair dryer is actually better for your hair than air drying- it has three heat settings and a cool blast button (this seals cuticles FYI), as well as negative ions to speed up the drying process while eliminating static and frizz. The straightening iron uses ceramic plates (the only material you want to flat iron your hair with!), and has five heat settings, which I LOVE. My Chi only has one heat setting so I very rarely use it. I have super fine, naturally curly hair so high heat is not needed and is really damaging for fine hair! I mainly use the straightening iron to flatten out my curls and add some messy waves :) You know ya girl loves some messy, tousled hair, and this tool is perfect to achieve that! I've included pictures at the end of this post showing how I've styled my hair with these two items...

My current favorite hair care products: 

Malibu Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner - These two keep my blonde from turning that ugly brassy color PLUS they add moisture and amino acids. They are also vegan and don't contain any nasty chemicals. Bonus! They smell like Hawaii 🌴
Redken Blonde Idol Mask - Obsessed. I use this after I shampoo & condition to add some extra moisture and shine. I love the silky, gel-like texture. I leave it on my hair for about 10 minutes for best results.
Moroccan Oil - I add a teeny teeny bit of this from my mid-shaft down to the ends before blow drying to add some moisture and combat frizz. I swear it also speeds up the drying process!

xo, Samantha Brooke

Classic Gingham

Feb 22, 2017


One of my favorite prints for spring/summer that is SUCH a classic is gingham. I love that it never goes out of style and it's just a great closet staple to have in your closet. I love the hazelnut color of this one from Evy's Tree- you know I'm obsessed with my neutrals and I just feel like this is more my style than the bolder colors you typically see in this print (did you notice the floral pattern on the inside of the collar?? How cute is that?!). A classic gingham is also super versatile, when it warms up I plan to wear it with cut-offs and flip flops :) I also like soft shirts like this on the beach over my bathing suit...I'm the weirdo that likes to be cozy when it's 90* out haha. I took my regular size, small, in this top. It def runs TTS. Sidenote: I was worried about this fabric wrinkling because it looked rather wrinkled when I got it out of the wash, but I hung it up to dry and it dried with zero wrinkles- definitely a bonus! 

I can't believe how spring-like it is here! These pictures were taken today and it literally looked and felt like spring, not the end of February. All of the blooms and sunshine are just insane to me! I'm not complaining...just hope it lasts! I'm also a bit worried about how hot & humid this summer will be 😑 

xo, Samantha Brooke

*Thank you Evy's Tree for sponsoring this post