Step by Step Easy Full Coverage Makeup Routine

Jan 16, 2017

best foundations

best concealers

best bb cream

coty airspun loose powder

best bronzer

best contour

nars orgasm blush

anastasia beverly hills dupe

best mascaras

Let me preface this to say that I am a product JUNKIE, so my favorites often change haha. These however, are my CURRENT favorites that I reach for most often. 

1. Prep. 
This is the stage you should be moisturizing if you haven't already, and applying primer. Moisturizing and priming help you start with a smooth surface, therefore helping your makeup look flawless and helping it last longer, bc a cake face aint cute! Primer creates sort of a barrier between your skin and the makeup and it also fills the pores and fine lines in. Think of your face as golf ball- once you apply the primer you are left with a smooth ball instead of one with little dots all over it :) (Great analogy huh? ha!) This is also when I apply some moisturizer to my lips, bc dry cracked lips are ugly and they're uglier with lipstick o them! I'm not much of a chapstick girl, I don't like the waxy feel. I do love this Vaseline pot though. It leaves your lips a beautiful soft pink color...that I later cover up with lipstick 💄

2. CC & Concealer
Next I apply my color corrector under my eyes. Color corrector is important because if you just add concealer it probably will change the color of the concealer or won't have enough coverage. You should use orange or red to cover up under eye circles and green to cover up redness. When I'm really tired and my cirlces are BAD, I use a bold orange lipstick to cover the blue. After the color corrector you apply concealer over that and on any other spots that may need extra coverage. Don't panic if the concealer doesn't cover up your color corrector, just add 2-3 layers and use a brush to blend :) NEVER RUB UNDER YOUR EYES with your finger tips, pat or use a brush! Your skin in this area is very delicate and should be handled with care.

3. Foundation
 For my foundation I either use Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able, L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte (both full coverage), or this BB Cream (my absolute favorite bb cream, it's very hard to find online!). I am obsessed with this Marc Jacobs makeup brush, it blends makeup so well and leaves your skin looking so smooth. I always apply my Coty Airspun powder on top to set and mattify.

4. Bronzer/Contour
I'm pretty pale this time of year (ok, really pale) so I have to add some color, ha. I love this bronzer (in Sunshine) for an all over color and then I use this one in a darker shade (in High Dive, it's more of a brown color) for my cheek bones and a bit of contour.

5. Blush
After bronzer I add more color with a teeny bit of blush to the apples of my cheeks. My favorite is Nars Orgasm- it is the perfect natural peachy pink with a hint of shimmer.

6. Eyes
For my eyes I like natural drama, if that makes sense? I use a gel liner with a teeny brush, it's so easy to get a great wing when you use a thicker liner and a brush. I use this shadow (Sin) on my lid and this one (Brun) at the crease. BLEND BLEND BLEND. For brows I love this pomade. It's so comparable to Anastasia Beverly Hills and wayyy cheaper.

7. Two-Step Mascara
My favorite part...mascaraaaa!! I am obsessed with this black stuff that instantly makes you look and feel 10 times prettier. I feel like I have tried every mascara available (seriously, you should see how many tubes I have in my bathroom. It's ridiculous) but these are my top faves. Any of these potions work fabulously. I look for a great brush that spreads the formula ALL OVER the lashes, and I always look for thick non-sticky volumizing AND lengthening formulas. With any mascara I use this primer to prep my lashes and plump them. It makes the mascara stick better by giving it something to 'grab onto'. I also love Dior lash primer but the L'Oreal is definitely my favorite. If you haven't tried a primer, try it! Life changing. (All mascaras linked above under the image)