Blacked Out

Jan 11, 2017

Leggings, Nordstrom | Boots, Kaitlyn Pan c/o (full review here) | Similar beanie & on sale here | Sweater, NordstromLove this one! | Similar sunnies

Snow and ice on the ground today, upper 60s later this week (insert MAJOR eye roll). 

Obviously you know I love black. Even though this outfit is super basic, just leggings and a sweater, the black adds some edge and my OTK boots elevate it a bit. This is why basics are so important for a wardrobe! If you haven't invested in these leggings that I've loved since 2014!! as seen here (I have two pair!) what are you waiting for?? I have Lululemon Wunder Under Pants and these are identical for half the price. They wear the same, feel the same, wash the get the idea. It would be so easy to wear these literally every single day, I love them that much. ALSO! I was just telling my photographer aka sister (HA) today how much I love beanies. I feel like they just make my head look better, is that weird?? She said it was really weird lol. But seriously I feel like I look better with a hat on my head 👒🙈

Thanks for reading my random reviews and random thoughts (like how I view my head) I ramble sometimes :)

xo, Samantha Brooke