Sweater Poncho

Dec 28, 2016

Similar boots here & love these | Similar poncho | Bag | Turtleneck | Similar hat (on sale $23!)

It has been cool here the past few weeks, but not cold. When the weather is warmer like this (50s) I tend to opt for light layers over a heavy coat, just because if you're running around doing errands and whatnot a coat can go from warm to inferno real quick! One of my favorite lighter pieces of outerwear, besides a comfy cardi 😊, is a poncho or cape.This one was actually a Christmas gift from my mom, she knows me well :) I love the look of ponchos and capes, they are flattering, and I just feel chic in them. They are also perfect for the week after the holidays if you may have eaten cake for breakfast one too many times...not speaking from experience or anything...

I should probably stop pretending like it's still Christmas. I am still watching Hallmark movies (until Jan 1st!!) and blasting my Christmas music. I also refuse to take my trees down until AFTER the New Year. I'm just not ready for it to end 😔!!

xo, Samantha Brooke